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Posted by ROBOTIS INC on 31st Aug 2020

ROBOTIS is planning the release of an exciting new line of hardware products, inspired by the success of DYNAMIXEL P-series. ROBOTIS' DYD - Cycloid Drive series plans to introduce a range of professional-grade gearboxes available for integration with users' choice of NEMA stepper motor or other motor solution.

DYD offers gear reductions in a range of NEMA sizes and gear ratios for the highest range of potential applications. For all users looking for a robust, novel gear reduction, DYD offers the strength and precision of the DYNAMIXEL-P series' cycloidal gears in a modular, user-configurable package. 

Below is a chart with some of the key specifications. Please check this PDF Catalog for a more detailed look at each model. If you are interested in this product line, or for any questions, please fill out this form. We greatly appreciate your feedback.