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  • ROBOTIS DREAM II School Set Bundle Package

    ROBOTIS DREAM II School Set Bundle Package

    ROBOTIS DREAM II School Set Bundle   Grade Level: 2nd - 12th Grade Lesson Hours: 20+ Number of Lessons: 12 Lessons Student to Kit Ratio: 1:1 Recommended (Up to 2:1) Curriculum Sample: Curriculum must be purchased separately. Support &...

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ROBOTIS offers bundle packages to fit all levels of students in a classroom environment. 

DREAM II School Set Bundle Package
DREAM II School Set Bundle is designed to be easy for both students and teachers to begin assembling right out of the box. With a PDF Assembly Manual included, students can build their first DREAM ROBOT Figure within a few hours! 
What's included? 
- (20) DREAM II School Sets. 
- (1) ROBOTIS DREAM II Level 2 Workbook. (Instructors) 
- (1) ROBOTIS DREAM II Level 3 Workbook. (Instructors) 
- (1) Learning Robotics with ROBOTIS DREAM Systems. 
- PDF Assembly Manual included. 
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PLAY 700 SCRATCH Bundle Package 
PLAY 700 SCRATCH Bundle Package offers a complete MIT SCRATCH Compatible Robotics Package which enables instructors to begin a SCRATCH Robotics Session right out of the box. Equipped with a CM-50 Controller and embedded IR + Sound Sensors, the PLAY 700 Bundle package offers both students and teachers an easy way to begin SCRATCH + ROBOTICS Education. 
What's included? 
- (20) PLAY 700.
- (20) SCRATCH Manuals.
- (20) BT-410 Dongles.
- (1) Learning Robotics with ROBOTIS PLAY Systems.
ROBOTIS STEM Bundle Package 
The ROBOTIS STEM Bundle Package offers both teachers and students the opportunity learn robotics through Project-Based Learning. Using a Powerfuel but easy-to-use ARM Cortex based CM-530 controller, students can program in both Embedded C or our own RoboPlus Software! Students are provided with 2 Curriculum Workbooks to progressively learn various principles of robotics. Beginning with a basic phase, students are encouraged to observe and explore, leading to the Application Phase, in which students strive to understand and learn various commands, finishing with a Practical Phase, where students accomplish a variety of challenges using the concepts they've learned to creatively solve real-world problems. 
What's included?
- (10) ROBOTIS STEM Level 1 (Curriculum Workbooks included per kit)
- (10) ROBOTIS STEM Level 2 (Curriculum Workbooks included per kit) 
- (10) Exploring Robotics with ROBOTIS Systems 
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