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The ROBOTIS GAEMI-0 provides robotic goods delivery designed for residential and office spaces, featuring manipulation capabilities with easy deployment, requiring no architectural modifications.

Key robot Applications

Guests, diners, patients, and people engaging with businesses everywhere expect a heightened level of service. This expectation comes at a time of staff shortages, tightened budgets, and customers valuing separation from employees and other members of the public. The ROBOTIS Ant provides the perfect solution to that dilemma by delivering an easy to operate, completely self-sufficient robot assistant that takes care of the menial tasks and frees up hoteliers, restauranteurs, nurses, and others to go on with their work.


Round-The-Clock Delivery of Amenities

  • Toiletries
  • Newspapers
  • Bathrobes & Towel Service
  • Premium Bedding
  • Extra Pillows and Blankets
  • 24 Hour Eyes-On Security
  • Laundry Collection & Delivery Service

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Hospital Internal Transport Services Medicine and Nursing Supply Deliveries .


Order and Reception Services Food & Beverage Deliveries


Residential Delivery Services