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All-in-One Smart Actuator

Fully integrated DC Motor + Reduction Gear + Controller + Driver + Network in a compact servo module

Controller Agnostic

Compatible with any controller supporting TTL or RS485 serial

Modular Design

Sleek and thoughtful form factor for easy design process

Daisy Chainable

Remove the clutter by daisy chaining servos together

Sophisticated Control Architecture

Multiple feedback and control methods


15th Jul 2024

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9th Jul 2024

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The Study of Human Experiences, ROBOTIS

ROBOTIS is a global robotics solutions provider, and the sole manufacturer of the DYNAMIXEL line of high performance all-in-one smart servos. ROBOTIS produces not only robotic hardware components, but also full robotics platforms for use in academia and industry, as well as educational robotics kits for all ages and skill levels.

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what is a robot?

This is the question that ROBOTIS was founded to answer.

There are numerous technical perspectives, but for ROBOTIS, a robot is an exploration of our human lives. By better understanding ourselves, we are ushering in a new era of robotics


The study of human experiences.

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