About Us

ROBOTIS was derived from a simple response to the question, "What is a Robot?".


There are many answers to this question, but we strive to develop and apply products that would impact our daily lives and make robots more personal rather than an intelligent appliance. Imaginations can become reality through personal robots.

We are a company that specializes in producing actuators and servos which enable the creation of various robots and kits for hobbyists, STEM education or entertainment.

Presently, we are producing several lines of humanoid robotic kits. In addition to our release of the ROBOTIS-Mini, we also produce a larger Darwin-OP which has been used for research and development in many universities around the world. Further, we produce a BIOLOID line of robots that can be used for students in middle and high schools.

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Product Reviews

Amazing humanoid robot

“We bought the Darwin OP 2 for human robot interaction and AI research and we love it. We especially like the fact that the software is open source and our undergraduate students can learn from seeing the code. The hardware and mechanical design is very robust and lends itself to do-it-yourself repair if needed. We definitely give it 5 stars!”

- heirlab
Great little humanoid robot

“We purchased the Darwin Mini and one of our students had it assembled in a day. It has great motion and locomotion capabilities and fun to control with an Android app.”

- heirlab

“The Robot went together and works really well Yea! (Note} the OS Ubunte MATE when installed has ssh not enabled by default so, you must enable it with systemctl enable ssh and every thing is good to go.”

- Lloyd