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RoboPlus (R+) Educational Software & Apps

The RoboPlus (aka R+) software page contains all recommended softwares for use with ROBOTIS' educational kits including PLAY, DREAM II, ROBOTIS MINI, ROBOTIS STEM, ROBOTIS PREMIUM, ROBOTIS ENGINEER, and more!

ROBOTIS provides an easy-to-use, educational environment to program your robot kits, create motions for your robots, or make new designs with our free R+ software.

Check out our convenient software/product compatibility guide to pick the best software for your kit.

Software  Icon Description  Download  e-Manual  Installation Guide
R+ Task 3.0 



R+ Task 3.0 is the latest version of ROBOTIS' educational software which features a simple, educational programming environment and a motion-editing tool for use with your robot. The motion-editing tool can be used to create complex motions, dances, or move sets which can be downloaded to the robot and used in the Task program.   R+ Task 3.0 Windows Installer robotis-e-manual.png  
R+ Task 3.0 Android Installer  
R+ Manager 2.0



Use R+ Manager 2.0 to connect using your ROBOTIS controller, and configure firmware and manage features of your controllers and DYNAMIXEL actuators. Requires ROBOTIS controller or USB-serial interface to connect.  2.0.1 Windows (exe) robotis-e-manual.png  
R+ Task 2.0



Program your ROBOTIS kit or controller using R+ Task 2.0. R+ Task 2.0 is a user-friendly, educational programming software for ROBOTIS products. R+ Task 2.0 also includes a virtual remote control feature to connect and control your robot from a computer or smart device. 2.0.43 Windows (exe) robotis-e-manual.png  
2.3.0 macOS (dmg) Mac Installation Guide
Android App Download robotis-e-manual.png  
iOS App Download  
R+ Motion 2.0



Use R+ Motion 2.0 to create motions, choreography, or dance moves to download to your robot, which can be used with R+ Task 2.0. R+ Motion can record motions from a connected robot to help users create motions quickly and easily.  2.3.1 Windows (exe) robotis-e-manual.png  
22.4.12 macOS (dmg)  
Android App Download robotis-e-manual.png  
iOS App Download Mac Installation Guide
R+ Design



R+ Design is a 3D robot design tool and features 3D assembly slideshows for ROBOTIS kits, as well as a 3D custom robot-building playground! Use R+ Design to help with assembly and to inspire ideas for new ways to build your robots. 2.0 Windows (exe) robotis-e-manual.png  
Android App Download robotis-e-manual.png  
iOS App Download  
R+ Scratch



R+ Scratch allows ROBOTIS educational kits to connect to the Scratch 2.0 educational programming environment. Use Scratch with your ROBOTIS robot to provide a fun and engaging educational programming environment. 1.0.1 Windows (exe) robotis-e-manual.png  
R+ Play 700




R+ PLAY 700 is the companion application for the ROBOTIS PLAY 700 kits. Download the PLAY 700 app and connect, interact and explore with PLAY 700 on your smart device!  Android App Download N/A  

iOS App Download

RoboPlus  r-manager-icon.png RoboPlus is a software suite which includes the first-released versions of RoboPlus Manager, Task, Motion, Dynamixel Wizard, and more. RoboPlus is recommended for the ROBOTIS STEM series, BIOLOID Premium/GP humanoids, the CM-530 controller, or select DYNAMIXEL series. Windows Vista/7/8/10 (exe) TBD  
R+ Block



R+ Block is based on the Google Blockly educational programming environment and is used with ROBOTIS edutainment kits. Use R+ Block with your ROBOTIS robots for its innovative, educational programming environment.  Android App Download robotis-e-manual.png  

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