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DYNAMIXEL Programming & SDK

ROBOTIS offers a wide variety of open-source programming resources available for DYNAMIXELs, including libraries, source code, and software development kit. Visit this page for links to the DYNAMIXEL Software Development Kit (SDK), the ROBOTIS Official GitHub, Arduino resources, and more.

Software Icon Description Download e-Manual
The DYNAMIXEL SDK is a full-featured software development kit which allows users to develop control code for DYNAMIXELs. DYNAMIXEL SDK features cross-platform support as well as libraries available for multiple coding languages. The DYNAMIXEL SDK is also compatible with all models of DYNAMIXEL. For more information on the DYNAMIXEL SDK, please visit the ROBOTIS e-Manual.  Download DYNAMIXEL SDK from GitHub robotis-e-manual.png
DYNAMIXEL Workbench is a simplified programming library based on the DYNAMIXEL SDK and allows for users to more easily develop simple control code for DYNAMIXELs. DYNAMIXEL Workbench is also available for use with ROS (Robot Operating System).  Download DYNAMIXEL Workbench from GitHub robotis-e-manual.png
Arduino IDE arduino-ide.png
The Arduino IDE programming environment may be used to connect and program various ROBOTIS controller boards and Arduino boards used with DYNAMIXEL. Arduino IDE also features implementations of the DYNAMIXEL SDK and DYNAMIXEL Workbench libraries for users to program their controllers. For more information, please visit the ROBOTIS e-Manual.  Download Arduino IDE robotis-e-manual.png
GitHub references github-png20.png The ROBOTIS Official GitHub is a repository containing the programming libraries and example code for all ROBOTIS products. The GitHub also includes an Issue Tracker which is monitored by ROBOTIS support personnel to directly assist with issues, errors, or other questions.  

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